These are female paid assassins – nothing more. The fact that they are young and hot only hides the real motive of inflicting pain, suffering and the ultimate state of GONE!

-“The Ho Down Rumble” featuring The Original G.I. HO, Dawn Mae, Valentina, Tara, Candie, Alexis Laree (Mickie James), Pyscho Bytch, Persephone, Missy The School Girl, Amanda Storm, Lady Storm, Trinity, Medina, the P.W.O. (debut)and Kristi Kiss

-Riptide aka Angel Orsini (formerly of ECW) vs Pryme Tyme Amy Lee (pinfalls count anywhere)

-GI Ho w/Ice Cold Billy Austin vs. Lady Storm w/The Smoke

-Navaho vs Lara

-Sinnamin vs Davey Mae

-Plus Ice Cold Billy Austin, The Smoke, The Nice Guys, BJ, Tita, Marco Flaymer, and more
Announcing by The Queen of Extreme Francine, Eric Garguilo, and Jeffrey J. James