Women’s Extreme Wrestling’s Female Stranglehold. Check the chokeholds when ODB (The One Dirty Broad) vs Christie Ricci; Persephone vs Vanessa Harding; Candi vs Tara; the Martinez sisters
face off- Shelly Martinez vs Mercedes Martinez. Tracy Brooks vs Angle Williams; and four-way action Talia Madison & Tiffani vs Simply Luscious & Angle Orsini. Somebody ain’t breathing when WEW’s Female Stranglehold.

Angel Orsini & Simply Luscious (Tag Team Champions) w/The Queen of Extreme Francine vs. The Madison’s (Tiffany & Talia aka Velvet Sky) The Gorgeous One George & Pussy Willow (aka Bobcat)
Tai “Killer” Weed vs Pryme Tyme Amy Lee
Mercedes Martinez vs Shelly Martinez
Tracey Brooks vs Angel Williams
ODB vs Christie Ricci
Persephone vs Vanessa Harding
Candie vs Tara